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192029, St.-Petersburg, Babushkina st., 1
tel: (812) 374-91-32, fax: (812) 374-91-31

Alexandr V. Boburov

Deputy director for administratively economic part

  Born on May 05, 1975, Mr. Boburov started his career as a technician and later worked as Head of the Transport Department. He has been Deputy Director of the SPb NIII EIZ OJSC for Office and Management Issues since September 2014. In 1988, he graduated from the Leningrad Mining Institute named after Georgy Plekhanov majoring in hydrogeology and engineering geology.
Joint Stock Company «Saint Petersburg Research and Survey Institute «Energoiziskanya» («SPb NIIII EIZ» OJSC)
192029, St.-Petersburg, Babushkina st., 1
tel.: (812) 374-91-32, (812) 374-91-01, fax: (812) 374-91-31, e-mail:
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