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192029, St.-Petersburg, Babushkina st., 1
tel: (812) 374-91-32, fax: (812) 374-91-31

Geoinformation technology and mathematical modelling laboratory

Development of an object-oriented relation special database (SDB) based on the SQL Server platform

Development of a SDB concept with results of geology, environmental, geodetic, and hydrometeorology engineering investigations as well as geophysical and hydrogeology investigations. Development of a clear SDB interface, analysis and graphic presentation of data, SDB integration with the ArcGIS system, remote access to SDB.

Development of numerical geofiltration and geomigration models of the property

Assessment of the impact of NPPs (hypothetic accidents) and NW storage facilities on the environment.

Forecasts of surface and ground water pollution with radionuclides and other chemicals, penetration of salty sea water in coastal areas, and area underflooding. Assessment of water resources and commercial reserves of ground water, calculation of sanitary protection areas.


Numerical modelling with efficient Western software including : VISUAL MODFLOW, MT3D, MODPATH, FLOWPATH, МОС, МОС3D, WMS etc.

Development of GIS data system and 3D models of hydrogeology items

  Development of functionality for integrating the data model with the developed GIS. Development of a geological model of the property. 3D visualization of the geological model.


Saint Petersburg Research and Survey Institute, Joint-Stock Company (Еnergy Surveys JSC)
192029, St.-Petersburg, Babushkina st., 1
tel.: (812) 374-91-32, (812) 374-91-01, fax: (812) 374-91-31, e-mail:
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