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Environmental engineering investigations

The Ecology department of SPb NIII EIZ OJSC offers the following:

  • environmental engineering investigations for drafting project documents for construction and reconstruction of capital structures;

  • environmental examination at commissioning of completed structures of various purpose;

  • environmental monitoring during construction and operation of properties.

The following investigations can be done as part of these jobs:

  • collection, processing, and analysis of published and library data, environment condition data, search of similar properties operating in similar natural conditions;

  • environmental decoding of space and aerial films using various types of films (black and white, multi-zone, radiolocation, thermal, etc.);

  • routing monitoring with description of the natural environment by components and landscapes as a whole, the condition of land and water ecosystems, and sources and conditions of pollution;

  • geoecological sampling and evaluation of pollution of atmospheric air, soil, ground, surface and ground water with laboratory analysis;

  • examination and assessment of radiation conditions;

  • gas geochemistry investigations;

  • examination and assessment of physical impacts;

  • soil investigations;

  • investigations of the plant and animal world;

  • social and economic investigations;

  • sanitary and medical biology investigations;

  • fixed observations (environmental monitoring);

  • office processing of data and reporting;

  • obtaining expert opinions of authorized organizations on completed types of research.


  The necessity of individual types of research and their composition, scope, and method shall be determined according to the type and purpose of the construction items, their structural properties, technical complicacy and potential hazard, the stage of architectural and construction design, and the complicacy of mapping, geology engineering, environmental, hydrology, meteorology, and climate conditions of the area where the construction, reconstruction or operation of the construction items is taking place, as well as the degree of knowledge about such conditions.

  The investigations are carried out in accordance with the applicable environmental and sanitary laws and regulations.


Route monitoring with a description of the natural environment.     Making holes for layered sampling with a description                                                                                                                                                                                                        of the changes of ground properties with some depth.


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192029, St.-Petersburg, Babushkina st., 1
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