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192029, St.-Petersburg, Babushkina st., 1
tel: (812) 374-91-32, fax: (812) 374-91-31

Geodetic engineering investigations

Geodetic engineering investigations include the following jobs:

  • Development of reference geodetic networks, class 4 plane networks 4 and degree 1 and 2 fine networks, class 2, 3, and 4 levelling networks including special purpose geodetic networks for construction
  • Development of plane-levelling survey geodetic networks
  • Special purpose land mapping on scales of 1:5,000–1:200 including mapping of on-ground and underground structures
  • Updating special purpose topographic plans on scales of 1:5,000–1:200 and cadastral plans in the graphic, digital or photographic forms
  • Hydrography engineering;
  • Geodetic engineering jobs related to transfer in real scale and fixing of excavations and other points of survey
  • Fixed geodetic monitoring of deformations of building and structure foundations, ground surface and rock masses including local monitoring of hazardous natural and man-caused processes
  • Office and field routing of infrastructure facilities
  • Geodetic support of equipment erection, crane activity alignment, and checking the verticality of columns, structures, and their elements
  • Geodetic jobs of detecting hidden underground structures in repair and other jobs




Joint Stock Company «Saint Petersburg Research and Survey Institute «Energoiziskanya» («SPb NIIII EIZ» OJSC)
192029, St.-Petersburg, Babushkina st., 1
tel.: (812) 374-91-32, (812) 374-91-01, fax: (812) 374-91-31, e-mail:
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