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Geological engineering investigations

Geological engineering investigations includes the following types of jobs:

  • Collection and analysis of geological engineering data of past years; 
  • Decoding space and aerial films; 
  • Reconnaissance examinations; 
  • Excavations; 
  • Geophysical investigations; 
  • Field investigations of ground (static and dynamic probing, pressure meter tests, plate tests, etc.); 
  • Hydrogeology survey (bushed and isolated dewatering, filling, fixed monitoring of the ground water dynamics, etc.); 
  • Seismic investigations; 
  • Laboratory examinations of grounds and ground water; 
  • Examination of grounds at subfoundations of existing buildings and structures; 
  • Processing of field and laboratory research data in the office; 
  • Forecasts of change of geological engineering conditions; 
  • Assessment of risks of geological and geological engineering processes; 
  • Technical reports.



Special types of research as a part of engineering and geological  investigations:

  • Radial pressure meter tests
  • Static load tests in the wells and pits with the diameter of 600-5000 cm²


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192029, St.-Petersburg, Babushkina st., 1
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