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Hydrometeorology investigations

  Hydrometeorology investigations enable comprehensive examination of hydrometeorology conditions of the surveyed area (site, area, route) and forecasts of possible change of such conditions as a result of interaction with the designed object. The purpose of the investigations is obtaining the necessary and sufficient materials for making substantiated project solutions.

 Hydrometeorology investigations include the following jobs:

  • Collection, analysis, and summarizing of hydrometeorology data on the area;

  • Monitoring and research of hydrological conditions of water reservoirs and climate;

  • Research of hazardous hydrometeorology processes and phenomena;

  • Office data processing with determining of hydrology or/and hydrometeorology parameters.



Joint Stock Company «Saint Petersburg Research and Survey Institute «Energoiziskanya» («SPb NIIII EIZ» OJSC)
192029, St.-Petersburg, Babushkina st., 1
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