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The 82nd birthday of the Energoizyskaniya Institute!


26.09.2014 For many years of good work, great achievements in professional emergency, and a big personal contribution to construction of nuclear facilities and in the honour of the professional holiday, the Nuclear Industry Worker’s Day, our Director Mikhail S. Iskhakov gave a 3rd degree badge of merits in the nuclear industry to Stanislav S. Shatrov, Head of the Engineering Geodetics and Mapping Department, and a 2nd degree badge to Yelena M. Bazarova, Deputy Director for Production Process Organization and Product Quality (order No. 1/433-ls of 24.09.2014 of Rosatom state corporation).


In addition to the awards, certificates of honour of Rosatom state nuclear energy corporation and letters of gratitude of the Director of Rosatom state nuclear energy corporation were handed out. 


A total of eight employees were awarded on the Nuclear Industry Worker’s Day.


After the official ceremony, the employees were offered an entertainment program. The weather was excellent, and the staff had a picnic with a barbecue, light snacks, and sweets on a lake bank. There were prizes, football and volleyball matches, and dancing.


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