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192029, St.-Petersburg, Babushkina st., 1
tel: (812) 374-91-32, fax: (812) 374-91-31


  Pursuant to the resolution of the sole shareholder, an auditor shall be approved for audits of the financial and business operations of the Company, and such auditor shall act pursuant to the contract to be made with them and legal acts of the Russian Federation.

   By the resolution of the sole shareholder of the SPb NIII EIZ OJSC of 24.06.2014 No. 53, the auditor of the Company for independent audits of the financial (accounting) statements for 2014 business year shall be PRIMA Audit. Gruppa PRAUD, a closed joint stock company (PRIMA Audit. Gruppa PRAUD, ZAO, Principal State Registration Number (OGRN): 1027808005972). 

Saint Petersburg Research and Survey Institute, Joint-Stock Company (Еnergy Surveys JSC)
192029, St.-Petersburg, Babushkina st., 1
tel.: (812) 374-91-32, (812) 374-91-01, fax: (812) 374-91-31, e-mail:
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